Full Time vs Part Time Real Estate Agent

Economic times are not easy in this country; many Americans must work hard, often more than one job, to keep their head above water and pay their bills. Many Real Estate agents who were successful in the years when the market skyrocketed are now out of luck and experienced serious cuts in their income or none at all. Numerous Real Estate companies vanished in the aftermath and went out of business for good.

This development in the Real Estate market can, however, have a whole new downside for the client. Many potential home buyers were perplexed to hear that their agent was unable to serve their needs during regular business hours since he or she was working their day job; the Real Estate profession was limited to moon-lighting only. Missing those vital hours during the day many clients were literally left in the dark and lost promising deals and bargains to people whose agent was there for them during business hours not after.

As a full time Real Estate Broker my attention lies with my clients at all times. The Real Estate market is a fast paced environment and undergoes many changes. Laws, Taxation, trends in the market make it necessary to react and respond in a timely manner; you can’t do this after hours or when you don’t have time to keep up on news and education. A Realtor is a member of the Realtors Association and as such has access to multiple educational programs and lectures all of which are designed for the agent to better serve the client. A certain number of continuing education hours are necessary to meet licensure requirements; however, if an agent wants to go the extra mile and keep up with changes to better protect their client from pitfalls it’s their own business. After selling cars or waiting tables for 8 hours a part time agent may not necessarily feel like studying much. A full time agent however is dedicated to their profession and strives to provide comprehensive service to their client.

The part time agent may lack information and not always be up to date on changes in the market and in the industry at large. He is at risk to omit vital information and may therefore cause damages for the client. The client may not get the home they wanted since the full time agent got the early bird advantage and caught the worm, the client may end up with financial losses as well if the agent omits facts and is not aware of changes in taxes or legal matters.

My advice: go with a full time broker and full time agent; only they are fully dedicated to your cause and will serve you with all their expertise and professionalism. Real Estate laws, market developments and taxes are a jungle to get lost in without a scout who knows his ways. I and my agents are at your service; full time and dedicated to extended training and continuing education. We are members of the Association of Realtors and guarantee that our professional advice to you is based on facts and competence in the Real Estate market. You can rely on us; we are here for you – full time!

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