Some people say, the Gulf of Mexico is shallow enough to walk to Cuba by foot, but that’s not true at all. The truth is, that the water-temperatures are not less than 75°F and that the beaches are of wonderful, snow-white, powdery sand which is covered with shells. Red Sunsets and seaside promenades are the best reason for taking a stroll in the evening.

Some beaches provide restrooms and changing rooms, but however, all beaches are neat and pretty. Not even Ft. Myers beach, one of the most popular beaches during the season, is overcrowded and lonesome places are near by. For example, a boat is required to reach the unspoiled and wild dunes of Upper Captiva Island. Captiva and Upper Captiva Island were the preferred hiding place for the pirate Gasparilla in the 19th Century. Gasparilla used to house his female hostages on this Islands to keep them separated and secured from his pirate-mates. Sanibel and Captiva are a tropical paradise and well-known for the beautiful shells, brought to the beach by the Gulf stream. Those Islands play an important role in the eco-system as a nesting-territory for sea-turtles and the nests are well protected by preservation-programs.

The J.N. (Ding) Darling National Wildlife Refuge on Sanibel Island is a hidden secret of Nature which shows Florida as it was a hundred years ago. The Lovers Keys located between Bonita and Ft. Myers beach invites for taking a rest there at its lonesome lagoons.

Dolphins can be watched near the beach very often and you possibly swim along side by side with a pelican. Seagulls are hunting for little fish and seahorses and starfish are living in the Gulf.

Ft. Myers Beach offers all kinds of fun in the sun; rent a boat or jetski, parasail, or enjoy the nightlife along the beach in several bars and restaurants after a day of swimming and sunbathing. Fishing is another favoriate past-time in the area; day or half-day fishing tours take brave hunters out in deeper waters and night-fishing tours offer the great adventure under the starlight.

Ft. Myers Beach is also famous for its popularity amongst Springbreakers; however, sun worshippers  of all age groups find what they like here on the beach and festivities like the annual pirate fest and the sand sculpture contest draw many visitors in this area every year.

Spend the evening watching the marvelous red sunset while strolling on the beach or while enjoying a cocktail at one of the beach bars – the sunset is as beautiful as it is in Key West, even without the clapping!

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