5. Why should Sanford Realty be your Choice?

Part 5 – Vacation home inside and out: What features do we need?

Guests prefer a home that gets them right into vacation mode: bright colors, decoration and details that underline the vacation motto e.g. referring to the beach. Extras like an Espresso Machine or a massage chair are certainly appreciated while otherwise a clear and functional design is what most vacationers wish for. Entertainment technology however, TV sets, quality of picture and sound, is important for guests. All technical equipment should be of good quality but also easy to operate; a HDTV, Blu-ray Player and High Speed Internet is nowadays an expected feature.

If it comes to the task of furnishing a vacation home it’s easiest to just think of what you would want if renting a home to spend your dream vacation in. Basically the home must be ready to move in and has to be fully equipped before the first guests arrive. Everything from replacement linens and a sufficient supply of towels, dishes and silverware to broom and corkscrew must be present to provide guests with everything they could need in everyday vacation life.

One very important feature is a functional phone; just think of an emergency and the need to call 911. Depending on the provider, international calls should be blocked to avoid phone-bill surprises. More and more guests bring their lap-top and tablet computers which makes it absolutely necessary to provide wireless internet access. Guests also welcome to have a BBQ-grill available (either gas or electric).

Furnishings and equipment should be new and in good condition; however, some colors or materials are not recommended for use in a vacation home with a high frequency of guests. It’s best to stay away from too delicate materials. Blankets or covers over seat areas are acceptable but please – no plastic seat covers. An owner renting his home out has to accept, that not all guests will treat the home with diligence; some small damages are collateral to renting and a scratch in the wall or a broken cup are things that can happen and are accounted as normal losses. Please think twice about putting valued memorabilia or collectors’ items in a home you want to rent out to others; it might not be the best idea. A little collection of Books, Games, music or movie DVD’s or Blu-ray’s are highly appreciated by guests.

Don’t forget – some of your vacation guests will be children. Many young families prefer to reside in a private home rather than in a hotel to have more privacy and independence. Some toys, a high-chair and a baby bed are features that should be provided if a vacation home wants to welcome families with small kids. Sanford Realty also can provide baby beds and high chairs if desired.

Safety comes first! Keeping guests from harm and trouble is priority. A fire extinguisher is a must! To the little vacation guest’s safe the home should either be equipped with a baby fence that can be put up around the pool or with an alarm that goes off when the door to the lanai is opened by the child.

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