Part 10 – The Importance of a Good Organizational Structure

Our vacation guests never want to leave – they just fall in love with their wonderful vacation home here in Cape Coral, Florida and are already looking forward to their next vacation by the time they have to go back home – some of them will even be staying at their very own vacation Villa next time 😉 – and we are glad to help them make this dream come true.

It requires a quite sophisticated logistics network to make renting a vacation home a positive experience   from the moment of booking until the moment the guests leave. We strive to provide high-quality, personalized service to the homeowners and renters and this is why we rent only houses we personally care for so we can guarantee highest standards. Our online booking system is state-of-the-art and extremely user-friendly; the real-time calendar is always up to date. Of course we respond to inquiries promptly and are available by phone if questions arise. One week prior to the guest’s arrival we sent out an e-mail containing a wealth of information about the area and fun-activities.

Prior to the arrival of new vacation guests we make sure that everything is perfect and ready in and around the house. We meet our guests at the vacation home the day after their arrival to perform an individual check-in; this is a great opportunity to answer all their questions and explain how gadgets in the house work. All rent monies are collected at the time of check-in and are transferred to the homeowners account once a month from our Escrow acount; necessary taxes are also deferred as appropriate once a month by Sanford-Realty.

We are of course available for guests if questions or problems arrive during their stay and we perform an individual check-out when they leave. It happens quite often that guests leave a house in the morning and new guests are due to arrive the same day; it requires a well-communicating professional team to make this work. The cleaning-crew has to make sure that every vacant house is cleaned as soon as possible after guests have left the premises and a handyman has to be at the ready in case that repairs need to be done prior to the arrival of new renters. Of course we only employ licensed companies for maintenance work like pool care and lawn care so we can be sure that everything is done professionally.

Our guests and the homeowners take advantage in our tireless work to keep things organized and going; we make sure that your vacation Villa is always clean and well-maintained, and verify that everything in and around the house is working properly. Booking is simple thanks to an interactive and dynamic online-system that presents the facts in a clear and understandable way. Homeowners can be sure that their house is in safe and caring hands and guests can rest assured that they will find a beautiful vacation Villa just as it is described on the website and just the way it is shown in the pictures.

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