Cape Coral – Special Assessments for City Water, Irrigation, and Sewer

The assessments for central water and sewer connection are part of the city’s utility expansion project; but they are also a very important factor to consider if you plan to buy a home in Cape Coral. The city plans to connect all homes within the city limit to central water and sewer sooner or later; due to economic hardships the schedule has changed but the project will continue eventually.

Why do you have to consider assessments when buying in Cape Coral? Because the home owner has to pay them. Access to central water and sewer is clearly a plus; in a city that has grown so quickly and is expected to grow further in the future, homes on wells belong in the past; central water and sewer means safer, cleaner, and adequate access to one of the most important and natural resources: water.

Homes in the “older” part of the city, mostly the Southeast and most parts of the Southwest are already connected and many homes are already free of debt from assessment costs. However, homes in the Northwest and Northeast of Cape Coral and all homes in Lehigh Acres are still on septic system and well. At this time there are no plans to implement central water and sewer connection in Lehigh Acres.

The special assessments are a one-time charge to property owners for potable water, sewer, and irrigation. Once the services are available in an area the hook-up is mandatory even if the property is vacant but not for empty lots; irrigation hook-up however is optional. However, the owners of empty lots also have to pay the assessments. The hook-up to the house is the owner’s responsibility and must be done by a licensed plumber within three months. The assessment rates are calculated by square footage and are

For water            US$ 0.32 per sq ft
For sewer            US$ 1.05 per sq ft
For irrigation      US$ 0.33 per sq ft

Total cost can run in the range of several thousand dollars due to connection fees, impact fee, permits, filling in the septic tank, and the actual assessment cost. The payment can be made in full, in installments, or each year with the property tax over the years. In case the previous owner has chosen the payment method where assessment cost are paid along with the property taxes the new owner can continue to do the same.

The installment of central water and sewer is a necessity for a city like Cape Coral, still, the cost for special assessments cannot be taken lightly and prospective home buyers have to take this into consideration. A Realtor can assist and help you to make an informed decision.

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